Wolfmap.de   If you need some files for RTCW - W:ET - Quakewars or the new Wolfenstein

Splashdamage Forums   If you need some advice about mapping/modding - this is the place

Radiant Level Design Tools    Level tools and info

Q3map2 Shader Manual    Shader manual by Obdidian and ydnar

FATE   Freehand Adaptive Terrain Editor - very nice tool

The Unofficial Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Strategy Guide   General tips about the game

Fritz Bot   Bots for RTCW and W:ET

Omni-Bot   Bots for W:ET

WolfEdit.com   Firefly`s website - a good place with quality work

The 2bit Experiment    2bits maps and link to his mapping tutorial

Pazur Mapping    Maps,shaders and models - RTCW,W:ET and QW

chruker.dk    Lots of good/useful info

Lt M Schaffer    Tutorials about commandmaps and commandmaps icons etc..

MannsReality - home of []v[]    maker of Castleattack - some skyboxes and prefabs here too

www.Cyburk.net    Cyburks maps

Battle Of Wolken    Chr1s map page - custom ET and QW maps

Wolfenstein Mod    Giancarlos website - nice looking skinpacks

Loffysdomain.com    Loffys ET page - his custom maps and source files

Simonoc.com    Simons page - a lot to see and learn here

www.dersaidin.net   Dersaidin`s map page

www.haradirki.de   Haradirki`a GTKRadiant & Q3Radiant tutorials (In german)

RayBans Wolf:ET page   Models,prefabs and minimods

MrLego.com   mrLegos game level design page - maps and some other stuff

www.wezelkrozum.com   Mapping site for Enemy Territory

www.et-only.com   A site for mappers, server admins and players of the game W:ET

Rowye`s map art dungeon   The maker of Raw Castle and CAHA : Tavern

KIC Wolfenstein Enemy Territory   Maps,models,links and tutorials

Mapping Disorder By Chavo One   Chavo One`s site - the maker of Venice

Saberpeak site   official website for the map Saberpeak

Lowlife Map Lab   Lowlifes page

amazingtextures.com   Free textures

cgtextures.com   Lots of good textures

www.davegh.com   David Guerras gametextures

Soundrangers.com   Not for free - but all kinds of sounds and quality