airplanes , passing threw


Examplemap with 2 airplanes passing threw

Created by Loffy  ,   File size : 1,9M

baserace scoreboard


A ingame scoreboard.
Can be adjusted to your map


Created by Rayban  ,   File size : 194kB

chute test2


A test map showing an airdropped objective
with an animated parachute for wolfenstein:Enemy Territory

Screenshot , Readme

Created by Rayban  ,   File size : 240kB



A crane prefab from the map The Port.


Created by Magic  ,   File size : 434kB

foliage example


This is a test map to show the new foliage models,
there are foliage models included in this pk3.
12 foliage models that cover almost all the
plants_sd and stock grass textures plus 12 of the same models that have waving grass.
The test map is also an example of alphamod blending, and can be used as an example of this.


Created by Rayban  ,   File size : 1,4M

laboratory doors


A prefab with laboratory doors from Loffy.
The file includes map and bsp file.

Created by Loffy  ,   File size : 368kB



Examplemap with a mirror -
showing you how to put in a mirror to your map


Created by nUllSkillZ  ,   File size : 52,9kB

ww2 flags


Flags available in a used and destroyed version.
Texture size: 256x512
- Germany incl. Battle flag (With Wolfenstein logo)
- Italy
- Japan incl. Battle flag
- France
- United Kingdom
- U.S.A. (Flag with 48 stars)
- U.S.S.R.

Screenshots , Readme

Created by IndyJones  ,   File size : 2,4M