Emoticons , minimod


With this small addon you get:
Emoticons above head for specified vsays.
Class specific icons for a *Function* vsay.
Misc. icons above head for specified vsays.
Ability to bind emoticons by using vsay.

[axis/allies] means that there are other icons for each of sides.
This addon may not work if others are installed.
This addon may work even if others are installed but then others may not.
Remember to delete older versions of this addon including all fixes.


Created by [xD] JenkinS  ,   File size : 383kB

Fueldump Assault Bridge Constructible , minimod


Adds a bridge spanning from the Depot Wall MG Roof
to the Fueldump Roof.
Bridge is constructible by the Allied team Bridge cannot be destroyed
(watch for future versions)
Bridge takes 50% more time to construct than normal

Homepage  ,  Readme

Created by StinVec  ,  File size : 124kB  ,  Release : 02/2007

High Quality Flags , minimod


High resolution world flags mod for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
by: TimOOn
To install just place z_HD_world_flags.pk3 file in your mod folder.

It requires GeoIP to work.


Created by TimOOn  ,  File size : 1,3M  ,  Release : 05/2014

Kiss Headskin , minimod


Kiss head skins
For allied team - fun mod

Ischbinz Homepage  ,  Readme

Created by ischbinz  ,  File size : 1,91M  ,  Release : 04/2013

Mortar Flametrails , minimod


Modified mortarshell that adds a flame trail for wolfenstein:enemy territory
I added the wilsflame to the mortar shell to see how it would
look on dark maps like radar,
and it looks not to bad, really highlights the mortar.
Sort of making it appear to be some kind of mini rocket.

3 different versions :

z_mortar_flametrail.pk3 - plain flame trail

z_mortar_flametrail_rt.pk3 - flame trail with added rocket smoke trail

z_mortar_flametrail_pt.pk3 - flame trail with added pyro smoke trail,
red or blue depending on team.

Raybans Homepage  ,  Readme

Created by Rayban  ,  File size : 110kB

Scopes , minimod


This pack includes 5 diffrent types of scopes used during World War 2.
They are copied from CoD5 and converted by IndyJones to W:ET.
Check scopes.jpg to see how do they look in-game.
From top left corner to right:
1. American
2. Britain
3. German
4. Japanese
and extra one - Russian.

Russian scope screen  ,  Readme

Converted by IndyJones  ,  File size : 244kB