wacht am rhein


The Axis have begun their last major offensive
in the cold snow covered woods of the Ardennes.
Striking hard with armored vehicles
they quickly push their way into the small Belgian towns.
The allies must withstand the offensive
and dig in before their lines give way to the Axis assault.

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Created by Tom "Menzel" Haskins  ,  Release: 13/12/2003  ,  File size : 17,3M

waffenschmiede B2


A allied group has gained access to a secret prototype factory in the Erzgebirge
of Nazi Germany.
Take control of the shipping halls and blow up the door controls.
Steal the radar part at the outpost and deliver it to the escape truck.

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Created by Fendah & BlAcky  ,  Release: 24/11/2013  ,  File size : 13,9M



Axis are trying to mess in the occult again, and do real nasty things.
Allied special forces took over the occult site in a raid.
Now the Axis attack to get back control over the old Abbey
and finally raise the evil Wargod.
Allies are on the mission to save the world from this of course.

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Created by McNite & Kach-->  ,  Release: 18/07/2006  ,  File size : 12,3M

war missile fp4


Allies have to prevent Axis from starting up the rocket!

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Created by ETc|gouki , Nico$ and ETc|#.Jay.#  ,  Release: 27/05/2016  ,  File size : 7,4M

Wurzburg Radar Phx


The Allies are attempting to steal the secret documents
about the new Axis W├╝rzburg 62A radar for technical analysis.
The Axis must guard their dcouments
and prevent the Allies from escaping with their.

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Created by phoenix  ,  Release: 17/03/2016  ,  File size : 5,8M