tank beta3


Spring 1944, Italy.
The Allies are finally advancing at the Gustav Line when an S.O.E. Intelligence report
reveals a hidden reserve of Axis armour near Monte Cassino.
The Allies must breach the depot heavy defences and destroy all the tanks
stockpiled there before they can be used in an Axis counter offensive.

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The Axis and Allies are facing off in an abandoned Mountains.
Each side has set up operations in the area.

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target push


The Allied Forces are attacking to steal one Axis Flag
and bring it back to their base for victory.
The Axis Forces are defending the Axis Flag.

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teuthonia final


The Allies have to steal a tank and steal some gold bars
...escord the tank, clear the tank barriers and blow up the bank door
...steal the gold bars and bring them to a nearby truck
...escord the truck with the gold to the home base
The Axis have to prevent the Allies to steal and secure the gold.

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teutoburg forest b1


The Allies have surrounded the famous Teutoburg forest,
an impervious forest in northwest Germany.
The Axis are hiding a substantial amount of gold in the forest.
The Axis are trying to escape from the forest with the gold.
The Allies are trying to prevent this for all costs.

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thud in the sand b1


Escort the Dynamite on Truck to the Gate to gain access into tunnels
and Axis underground base.
Steal objectives and deliver them to Chevy Truck in Rich Town.

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tounine beta1


The Mareth Line was a system of fortifications built by the French between
the towns of Medenine and Gabès in southern Tunisia,
prior to World War II.
Following the Fall of France and Operation Torch it fell into Axis hands
and was used by the Italians and Germans to defend against the British instead.
Allies must retake control and capture
the secret war documents guarded in a bunker next to Tounine

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Axis and Allies fight an epic battle control the central tower.

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While on the retreat the Axis have planted dynamite in an key african city subway
which threatens to destroy its foundations.
The Allies have to remove the dynamite threat and detonate the explosives safely
before valuable resources are detroyed.
The dynamite planted contains tapped circuits and disarming them will only trigger the blast.

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toxic city : facility 31 b1


The Allies have uncovered the source of an Axis chemical refining campaign.
Determined to neutralize the threat,
Allied forces are attempting to destroy the chemical stock pile
by releasing three volumes of Axis-developed 'counter-agent'
into the circulation system of the refining facility..

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In this map Allies must:

Stage 1: Escort the tram to the old castle.
Stage 2: Steal the venom cannon and deliver it at the tram.
Stage 3: Escort the tram ,containing this venom cannon, to the second station.

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tram siege


Allied forces need to send a radio signal to call for reinforcements.
Unfortunately, the only radio transmitter high enough to clear
the surrounding mountains is inside a nearby Axis-held castle...

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Civilians manipulated by the Volksempfänger's propaganda program
are resisting the allied forces.
To break the resistance, Allies have to overtake a local Transmitter,
which is amplifying the master-signal from Berlin for local receivers.
They have to manipulate the transmission-frequency
by installing a radio Modification Kit on the Transmitter.
The Allies also have to rotate the Antenna towards their pirate sender.

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The Axis are Assaulting the Allied Missile Base in the Forest

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The Allies must destroy the armour reinforcements being transported on two trains.
Artilliery and air support is unavailable for either side.

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The Allies have orders to lay seige on an Axis held outpost near the coast,
infiltrate the Axis compound and destroy the power grid.
Once the power is disabled allied forces can advance further inland.

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