A small secluded beach resort proved to be the ideal place for the axis
to establish a secret docking station for their u-boats.
Surrounded by very tall cliffs, the small Saberpeak gulf is well hidden
from prying eyes and unwelcome visitors.
A small group of allied forces were sent on a mission along the coast
to find the secret base and destroy any u-boats in its hangar.

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Created by Arianit 'NOP' Rukaj  ,  Release: 11/08/2004  ,  File size : 14,8M

sands of timek


The Axis war machine is running out of money to keep there war effort going,
they have heard of a ancient temple that has a stash of gold
that could keep the war going for years,
allied intelligence has picked up the information thru informants
and have started to secure the area.

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Created by S.S.Pons,S.S.Darkness,Lowlife and neotic  ,  Release: 07/2004  ,  File size : 8,4M

secret bay


Steal two crates of Gold from the Bank and Escape with the crates of Gold
using the U-Boot in the Sea.

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Created by [EGN]Ron-007  ,  Release: 10/02/2004  ,  File size : 9,9M



June 1943: The Axis have a small but vital communication outpost,
which controls the Blitzkrieg on all major frontlines.
This outpost is equipped with the new radar technology and the Allies are planning
an attack (codename: Snatch).
The aim is to steal a radar part which in turn will give the Allies crucial electronical know-how.
**Will the Axis defend the outpost or will Operation Snatch be a success for the Allied Forces?

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snow patrol


The Axis have one big objective this Christmas time ,
they want to steal all Presents so noone will have presents.
They are escorting some trucks that are leaded by a tank ,
they have to escort it al the way through the town.
The Allied forces have to prevent the Axis from stealing the Presents
Have lots of fun on this map
Merry Christmas

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Created by [UJE]Niek  ,  Release: 31-10-2011  ,  File size : 20,0M



Allied forces have broken into the temple and are attempting to steal the gold.

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sottevast pe


An Axis V2 missile project has been advancing in a silo facility called Sottevast.
Allied spies have discovered an attack is about to be launched from this secret silo,
and a small team of elite soldiers were mobilized to prevent the launch.

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special delivery te


The Axis are temporarily storing a number of gold crates in a fortified storehouse
while they await their transfer to a more secure location.
Allies must first gain control of the storehouse by damaging
the forward bunker's East and West Walls,
then with their forward spawn secured they must escape with a number
of gold crates using the Axis' very own cargo trucks for transportation.

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The Axis have taken control over large portions of the Russian city of Stalingrad.
In order to re-take the city,
the Allies must gain control of a small neighborhood on the western side of the city.
This area is a key strategic position,
from which the allies hope to launch further missions deeper into the city.
However, being aware of the importance of this area,
the axis have placed two jagdpanther tanks somewhere within this area,
which must be destroyed in order for the allies to move in their own tanks, and secure the area.

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Created by Justin "StormShadow" Ingels  ,  Release: 24/03/2004  ,  File size : 19,4M

stargate center 1945 by CatC


The Axis have infiltradet the allied Stargate Center
to steal 2 Boxes of high explosive "Naquada"
which is supposed for an Airstrike over germany
and have to hold the base till they can establish a Wormwhole to the other Gate
in the infitrated Russia in order to escape.
*g* Allies must infiltrate back the Stargate Center and secure the Naquada with a Truck.

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Created by AKE u. CatC  ,  Release: 08/05/2004  ,  File size : 13,9M

the station


Steal 3 flag from your opponent and deliver to your flag base

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Created by Magic  ,  Release: 07/02/2009  ,  File size : 9,5M

st nazaire


The dry dock at St Nazaire is an important part of the Axis forces
plans to cut off Englands supplies from the U.S.A.
the Allied forces must disable it at all costs.

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To win a team must be the first to hold the objective for a total of 5 minutes.
Holding for less than 10 seconds does not count.
Mines are disabled.

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storage facility


Lampoldshausen, Germany 1943
The Allies have caught word that the Nazi's have sent several blueprints of german bunkers,
to an old German testing facility that is now used for storage.

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Created by Cerberus  ,  Release: 25/07/2007  ,  File size : 5,6M



The west front between the allied armed forces and the German Wehrmacht
has come to a dead stop. During a cross-fire, the Allies capture a supply truck.
On the front seat: a map showing a huge secret storehouse...

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Created by 3po  ,  Release: 2005  ,  File size : 15,8M

streets of italy


Allies: Navigate your way around the Italian city
and get that gold from the hands of the Axis.

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streets of marrakech


Allied intelligence has learned of the existence of Operation Hitlers Beard,
a top secret project that the Axis top minds have been working on.
If the Allied command could get there hands on the information
contained within these files it would help them plan for a swifter
and more decisive victory in the entire North Africa campaign.
The Allies have put together a small strike force to attempt
to break through the Axis defenses and steal the documents they are guarding.
Needless to say, the Axis soldiers can not allow this to happen,
and must defend the town at all costs.

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While on the retreat the Axis have planted dynamite in an key african city subway
which threatens to destroy its foundations.
The Allies have to remove the dynamite threat and detonate the explosives safely
before valuable resources are detroyed.
The dynamite planted contains tapped circuits and disarming them will only trigger the blast.

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Created by Rowan Drew  ,  Release: 12/07/2005  ,  File size : 7,5M