Northern Germany, 1943.
The Axis have created a prototype Ammo that will be devastating to the
Allied forces if used by their Pak Cannon.
The Allies need to destroy the Ammo
and the Pak Cannon to prevent the Axis from using it.

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Axis are planning on executing over 2000 english soldiers on a Greek island called Kheros.
The Allied forces plan a rescue by sea.
But in the waters leading into the island of Kheros is the island Navarone.
On the island of Navarone the Axis have 2 huge cannons inside a cliffwall
with a shooting range of 200 kilometers.
So the mission is to blow the cannons from inside the fortress in the cliffside.
If they fail they will be responsible for 2000 Allied soldiers lifes!

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Prevent the Allies from escorting the tank over the bridge and defend the generator
and the gun control

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no mercy


The allies and axis are having a battle with No Mercy !
Its all about the safe, documents and radar post.

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normandy breakout


The Allies are pushing the Battle for Western Europe inland.
American infantry forces must disable the remaining German 88 Artillery gun
before Armored Divisions can proceed into St. Lo.

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north pole


In the Axis search for religous items they are on a quest to steal the "Christmas Star",
the symbol of hope and joy!
Allied intelligence has picked up this mission and are doing anything they can
to prevent the Axis forces from stealing the "Christmas Star".
If the Axis forces succeed in their quest then a whole world celebrating christmas
will be in agony and that will drain their spirit on the battlefields,
this will give the Axis forces a huge advantage in the war.

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