haemar b1


The Axis Forces have in Haemar important informations
about a new surnatural power that might stop and annihilate Allied's attacks.
The Allied Forces have the Mission to steal this Secret Documents
and flee to the East where a Transmitter is waiting for them

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haunted mansion


Axis Forces are very short on War Cash and have Stolen an Leprechauns Gold.
Allied Captain O┬┤Mealy is commanded to return the Gold
befor the Axis can get away with it.
Else a terrible curse will fall on his men and all Beer in the Country
will be turned into vinegar!

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heart of gold


Allies are searching for the "Heart of Gold", a famous gold ingot stolen in Paris.
The Resistance informed the Allies that the Axis are keeping it in "Boissaint",
a French village in the Alps waiting for reinforcement coming from Bergheim.
Allies have to steal the gold and escape from the village
with the truck before reinforcement's arrival.

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Watch the battle unfold in Helms Deep and the Glittering Caves.

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Axis have assaulted an old Egypt pyramid to get an artifact seeking the help from Horus,
an old Egyptian god.
Allied mission is to steal this artifact and bring it back to New York for further analysis.

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hydro Dam


Axis and Allied forces have set up operations on either side of a dam,
each must collect and return an objective to their bases.
Access to the objective is by means of a successful dynamite charge at enemy door.
Control of base flags leads to forward spawn opportunity.

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