glider assault


Spring 1943, the Austrian Alps: Allied Intelligence has reported that the enemy
are developing a powerful new tank in a secure research facility.
It is vital that one of the prototype Jagdpanther models
be photographed for assessment.
Some Allied 'Horsa' gliders are in enemy hands
and are crated in a nearby Axis outpost:
capture the outpost and use the gliders to assist in the operation.

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Created by 2Bit  ,  Release: 05/2007  ,  File size : 4,3M

grave robbery


The Axis have uncovered an an ancient artifact of terrible power!
The Allies must force their way into the deepest depths of an ancient tomb
and steal the Ank of AmunRah before its power can be unleashed.

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Created By CptnTriscuit & Sounds By Konigstigert  ,  Release: 2005  ,  File size : 10,6M

great pyramid


Steal the opponents radar parts and gold.
Dual objectives.

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Created By Lance  ,  Release: 2004  ,  File size : 7,4M