The Allies are attacking the Adlerhorst and must escort their
Sherman M4A3 Tank as it blasts through the defences.
The Axis can disable and delay the Tank with Panzerfausts,
grenades, mines or explosives.

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Created by Pazur  ,  Release: 08/2008  ,  File size : 19,3M



The Allies must blow the main Airfield entrance to gain access to the Airfield
and blow up the 2 airplanes.
The Axis must protect the main entrance and the two Airplanes.

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Created by UJE Niek  ,  Release: 28/01/2014  ,  File size : 19,8M



A small town is the scenery for this battle,
the team that takes control over the city will find itself in glory.
Five territories must be held to secure the town.

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Created by Drakir  ,  Release: 15/06/2004  ,  File size : 3,5M

alpine assault


The Axis forces have converted an old mine works into a hidden bunker complex,
where they are stockpiling weapons for a new offensive.
The Top Secret Plans for this attack have also been kept at this location.
Can the Allies steal the plans and foil this dastardly attack by the enemy?

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Created by Detoeni  ,  Release: 30/12/2005  ,  File size : 16,7M

ambition 3


Axis and Allies battle over the secret Documents.
Axis have to bring the secret documents to the truck.

(Botfiles are included)

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Created by Loffy  ,  Release: 20/01/2014  ,  File size : 12,6M

ammodepot v2


Allied forces have translated code that tells of a secret Ammo Depot called Cement Island.
A deadly supply of firepower is stored there,
the Axis plan to use it in a major assualt on stationed Allied troops.
Do all you can to destroy the Ammo Depot!

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Created by Detoeni  ,  Release: 2006  ,  File size : 16,7M



The axis are trying to steal a very important document from the bank ,
the allied forces have to prevent them to escort the tank to the bank
so that they can't blow the bankdoor

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Created by [UJE]Niek  ,  Release: 14-09-2011  ,  File size : 16,2M

artic gun


Steal the tank out of the small axis outpost ,
escort it trough the small village to the axis base and destroy the side wall of the axis base ,
finally destroy the axis massive guns 1, 2 and 3

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Created by 1869*_Flame  ,  Release: 05/2009  ,  File size : 13,9M



The Allied forces have taken over and secured what was once an
Axis Communications Tower.

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Created by Horus  ,  Release: 15/10/2004  ,  File size : 11,1M

et assault beta4


The Allied forces have taken over and secured what was once an
Axis Communications Tower.

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Created by ?  ,  Release: 01/2004  ,  File size : 11,1M

axis flugscheibe b1


The Evil Axis Scientists have developed a UFO Fleet and plan to escape
to outer Space to continue their Plan for Galactic Domination.
But before they can make their way into the Galaxy they must make sure
the Radar Tower is working properly and can open the Loophole to the right Dimension.
An Allied Special Unit has infiltrated the Facility and has orders to Destroy the Cargo
onboard of one UFO and Jam the Radar Tower with some modified Radar Transmitter.
To get Access to the Tower they must make their way into the Secret Base
and switch on two Power Generators.
When the Power Generators are working
the Allies can insert the modified Transmitter and Jam the Tower.

Command map , Screenshots , Readme

Created by cyburk  ,  Release: 20-03-2012  ,  File size : 7,95M



The Axis are guarding a top secret chemical weapons laboratory
working on equiping long range missles with deadly poisons,
but most importantly it also houses the Germans first prototype of a nuclear bomb.
The Allies must repair the old truck,
infiltrate the facility and escort the nuke out to the truck
and drive it safely to the allied line.

Command map , Screenshots , Readme

Created by Jon Swenson and Chris Swenson  ,  Release: 28/07/2004  ,  File size : 9,1M